Pre-Phase K.O. Pre-Workout

Pre-Phase K.O. Pre-Workout


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PRE-PHASE K.O. is your next high-stim solution to take your workouts to the next level! PRE-PHASE may provide next-level energy and may help with laser-sharp focus.  PRE-PHASE may increases performance, may increase muscular fullness, and may increase muscular endurance.

PRE-PHASE Highlights 

  • Great energy
  • Excellent focus
  • Strong mood elevation, slight euphoria

 Pre-Phase Supp Facts

  • Citrulline Malate (6 g)

Pump and blood flow ingredient, one of the best researched pre workout ingredients out there.

  • Beta Alanine (3 g)

Regular consumption of beta alanine increases muscular endurance, anaerobic running capacity, helps reduce fatigue.

Beta Alanine also causes a “tingling” sensation on the skin, which is harmless. Many love this feeling and refer to it as “the tingles”.

  • Choline Bitartrate (1 g)

Choline helps boost mental focus as a nootropic. This raises acetylcholine in the brain.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (350 mg)

Strong levels of energy, this provides an immediate hit of energy levels.

  • Glucuronolactone (300 mg)

Enhances the effects of caffeine.

  • Eria Jarensis (200 mg)

Eria Jarensis is an extract that contains a stimulant called PEA’s.

This is partially responsible for the “feel good” and mood elevation.

  • L-Tyrosine (200 mg)

Enhances the release of dopamine, further enhances the gooding feeling experience.

  • English Walnut Extract (200 mg)

A stimulant sourced in nature to help increase your focus, mood and energy.

  • Theobromine (100 mg)

Structurally similar to caffeine, naturally found in dark chocolate, coffee beans, and guarana berries. This provides a smoother and more mild effect similar to caffeine.

  • Bitter Orange Extract (40 mg)

Contains synephrine, which is a stimulant and mild fat burner.

Is This For Me?

This is for people who look for medium to high stim pre-workouts. This may provide good pumps, energy, focus and mood elevation.

The biggest focus on this product is the energy and mood elevation.

Additional information

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Sour Worms, Lemonade Punch, Cherry Limeade


30 Servings


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