Laxovar Total Laxogenin

Laxovar Total Laxogenin


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This is a must have for both males and females. Laxogenin is an all-natural anabolic that is gender neutral. This powerful product yields all the benefits of a true anabolic with non of the side effects. LAXOVAR can improve body composition while increasing your protein synthesis intake. This product simply works wonders in the body!

Laxovar Highlights

  • Straightfoward Laoxgenin Supplement
  • Acts as an all natural, plant steriod/anabolic
  • Does not affect hormones like pro-hormones or testosterone supplements

Laxovar Supp Facts

Laxosterone (5-alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin)

Is Laxovar for me?

This may be for you if you are looking for support in lean muscle gain, weight loss, body composition without the potential side effects or hormone altering compounds.

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