H20bvi Collagen RTD

H20bvi Collagen RTD


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H20bvi is Obvi’s first to market collagen-infused water powered by electrolytes and hyaluronic acid.

This refreshing and delicious beverage packs only 32 calories per bottle as well as 8 grams of collagen and 7 grams of protein!

Powered by delicious flavors like Limeade and Blue Slushie.

Hydration on the go never tasted so good and hydrating beauty never felt better.

Look your best and stay hydrated all day long with our advanced beauty blend and hydration formula. H20, the Obvi way.

Key Benefits:

✅ All-Day Hydration
✅ Healthier Nails
✅ Longer Hair
✅ Stronger Joints
✅ Glowing Skin
✅ Refreshing And Nourished
✅ Boost Immunity

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