DVST8 Of The Union Limited Ed.

DVST8 Of The Union Limited Ed.


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Energy* •  Focus* • Muscle Pumps*

It’s time to rise up with DVST8 of the Union (DOTU). Step into the Stimulated Reality with efficacious doses of caffeine, eria jarensis, CoLEAN™, EnXtra®, tyrosine, and more.

You’ll have beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, glutamine, and epicatechin tucked in your arsenal for endless endurance. We’ve included pure citrulline and GlycerPump™ (patented glycerol) for muscle pumps, too.

The time to resist is now. We must disobey. We must DVST8…of the Union.

  • 40 Servings (Per 1 Scoop)
  • No Artificial Colors

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L$D, Black Nebula, Northern Lights


40 Scoops


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